Janitorial Services

A word on commercial cleaning services…

Are you getting what you are paying for from your commercial cleaning service? If not, it is time to switch to Klean Rite!

Rob & Jenna Wiese bought Klean Rite in May 2006. We have used our 15 years of cleaning experience to improve services and give our customers what they are paying for, quality service.

Quality service starts with committed employees. We keep our workforce small in order to provide full-time employment, not a few hours a week. We think it is better for you to have your cleaning services provided by those who are fully committed to their jobs and have a vested interest in performing at a high level. We also pay our employees more than the average in our service area, so our clients don’t see a new person come into their facilities every few weeks. In fact, our average employee’s tenure is 2 years.

If you would like to see what a difference we can make for your business, please call 515-233-5555 or email rob@kleanrite.com


Our services….

Klean Rite offers a complete commercial cleaning package. We are able to provide services to you daytime and nighttime. Cleaning schedules are set up to work with your business.

• Carpet Cleaning
• Hard Surface Floor Care
• Window Cleaning
• Power Washing
• Janitorial Services
• Emergency Water Restoration