Klean-Rite offers professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning (sometimes referred to as steam cleaning).

Please fill out the form below to request an appointment for your rental unit carpet cleaning.
We will contact you via email to verify your appointment as well as the time slot.  You must be ready for carpet cleaning at the beginning of your scheduled time. 

In order to save everyone some grief, it is important to have your carpets vacuumed and all items removed from the carpet prior to us arriving.
If this is not done an extra fee will apply (see below). All prices INCLUDE tax. Please check your email (including your spam folder) for confirmation within two business days of your submission.

We require a $25 deposit to hold appointments. If you do not pay for your carpet cleaning in full on the next page, we will send you a PayPal request for the deposit. Failure to pay the deposit might result in cancellation of your appointment!

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- Cash (exact change, NO CHECKS, paid prior to cleaning)
- MasterCard or Visa (call us with your credit card information at 515-233-5555 or 515-233-3390)
- PayPal (Remember your total and pay on the next screen)

Comments :


1. Failure to be present for appointment or, if pre-paid and not going to be present, failure to have door unlocked will result in a $50 fee

2. Submission of incorrect information such as number of rooms cleaned, steps, etc. will result in a $50 fee per room or set of steps

3. Failure to pre-vacuum (including edges) will result in a $25 minimum fee

4. Failure to be ready for cleaning at scheduled time, such as furniture not moved, will result in cancellation of appointment and a $50 fee

5. We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule (with an additional fee) any appointment based on tenants failure to meet the previously mentioned terms

6. Appointment may need to be scheduled for a later time due to circumstances beyond our control (mechanical difficulties, weather, etc.).  If this occurs, we will contact you

7. Your appointment is not considered scheduled until we contact you acknowledging the appointment

8. Units above the third floor will not be accepted.

9. Prices are based on average rental sizes.  We reserve the right to adjust prices based on over-sized units.  Houses or duplexes may need to be measured for charge calculations.

10. Carpet cleaning involves normal spot removal.  Specialty spot removal is not included in the quoted price.